Clean Energy: our 4 convictions for 2024

2023 will go down in history as a particularly difficult year for the renewable energy sector. The geopolitical situation caused companies involved in fossil fuels, the only ones capable of responding quickly to shortages, to take a dive. Between virtue and the urgent need to find energy sources to replace Russian exports, the market’s choice was quickly made.

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The advent of AI: an opportunity for the climate?

With their traditional sense of proportion, the markets have taken note of the gigantic potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies. Even their most enthusiastic critics are struggling to establish the limits of what it will be possible to do with these tools.

Every economic agent is now called upon to consider the impact that AI will have on their business. But the question also arises in the area of climate change, especially as there are real differences of opinion at the moment. At this stage, some see AI as more of a threat than an opportunity.

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A sector with impact

Current announced infrastructure spending plans make it the “number one” sector for global capital investment over the next ten years. Although, the infrastructure sector is intrinsically environmentally challenging in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, environmental pollution, habitat destruction and species extinction, we also believe there is an immense opportunity to promote responsible investment in this sector.

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