Andere ESG Ressourcen

Conser Invest Portfolio Check

We’re deeply committed in our bottom up analysis of companies, including their ESG profiles, but see value in understanding the ‘market view’. We use the Conser Invest portfolio check, which provides us with detailed understanding of how ESG agencies, NGOs, sustainable funds and other sources are viewing our investments.  We use this tool for two reasons:

  1.  Providing feedback to companies regarding their ESG profiles according to the market, which we expect will be educational whether we or they agree with the conclusion or not.
  2. To support our analysis, and trigger further investigation into companies that the market scores badly. We may ultimately disagree with their evaluation, but we want to be well-informed if we’re missing anything.

Annual Sustainability Report

We commit to report on our progress as we enhance our responsible investment approach each year. The report includes any update to our responsible investment strategy, as well as reports on ESG analysis work over the year, engagements with management teams and our voting history for the year.

To read our latest Annual Sustainability Report, click here.

ESG Committee

As the company grows, and the variety of funds and asset classes increases, it’s important that we develop our approach to responsible investment in a consistent and coordinated way. To steer this, we have an ESG committee including senior representation from across the organisation. The committee is made up of:

  • Jean Keller – Chief Executive Officer
  • Thierry Callault – Head of Business Development
  • Georgina Parker – Head of Sustainability
  • Philip Best – Chief Investment Officer
  • Mark Ebert – Infrastructure Securities Fund Manager
  • Francesco Samson – Group COO

The committee meets quarterly to review:

  • Strategy and objectives related to ESG and responsible investment
  • Company engagements during the quarter
  • Review ESG policies and implementation
  • Internal initiatives to promote ESG internally and externally
  • Review and approve ESG training
  • Review and approve ESG Annual Report
  • Any important issues/ questions related to the investment process
  • Client requests related to ESG
  • Client reporting