QUAERO CAPITAL supports the Building Bridges Summit in Geneva

QUAERO CAPITAL is one of the official sponsors of the Building Bridges Summit, an exceptional event to be held in Geneva on 10 October that will be the highlight of the Building Bridges Week, a week dedicated to sustainable finance between 7 and 11 October 2019.

QUAERO CAPITAL : Building bridges between finance and responsible investment

QUAERO CAPITAL is proud to be part of the Building Bridges community and is delighted to sponsor this event, contributing to the continued partnership between investors and global NGOs ; a partnership which is key to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs). The SDGs have created a strong framework with which to identify both positive and negative impacts created by an individual investment. They also identify the vast amount of funding that financial players need to mobilise in order to create a more sustainable society.

The SDG framework has been instrumental for our private equity European infrastructure investment strategy and team, whose investment strategy focuses on projects which bring positive social, economic and environmental impact. It has also helped drive forward our approach to sustainability across other QUAERO CAPITAL investment management teams. We manage numerous investment strategies explicitly dedicated to achieving a more sustainable future in line with the SDGs. These include Accessible Clean Energy, invested in companies across the clean energy value chain, and Infrastructure Securities, which invests in public global infrastructure organisations that have a best-in-class approach to sustainability. If you want to know more about investing responsibly at QUAERO CAPITAL, click here.

Building Bridges Summit – “It’s time for sustainable finance”

On Thursday 10 October, the Building Bridges Summit will bring together some 800 decision makers in the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva – symbolically situated on a bridge connecting the river’s left bank, where Geneva’s financial centre is concentrated, to its right bank, home to international Geneva.

In the morning, Swiss President Ueli Maurer will join leading figures from government, finance, business, the UN and several international organizations to discuss how to promote the growth of sustainable finance.

Recognizing that institutional investors are the main drivers of growth in sustainable finance, the afternoon will focus on Swiss financial expertise, bringing together executives from banking, asset management, pension funds and institutional investors to discuss practical, innovative solutions.

Building Bridges Week – “We have it all in Geneva”

Articulated around the theme of “Building Bridges” and intended for the diverse members of Geneva’s unique ecosystem and financial centre, this initiative aims to forge new links between the world of finance and the Sustainable Development Goals, in order to maximize our collective impact.

Organized jointly by Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) and the Geneva Financial Center (GFC), this unprecedented initiative is the result of a successful collaboration between financial institutions, representatives of international Geneva and the federal, cantonal and municipal authorities[1].

The Building Bridges Week will offer a rich programme of events in different venues in Geneva, organized by institutions active in the field of economic development and sustainable finance.

[1] SDGLab (UN) – International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) – International Network of Financial Centers for Sustainability (FC4S) – Swiss Confederation – Canton of Geneva – City of Geneva