Exclusion Policy

We are committed to  a principles-based approach to responsible investment matters, and therefore  apply certain exclusions to avoid allocating capital to companies that consistently and systematically cross ethical lines as well as companies that have a significantly negative impact on global warming.

We exclude companies:

  • that are involved in the production or development of controversial weapons
  • that have a significant part of their business exposed to coal mining and coal powered energy (without any public plans to significantly reduce it)
  • whose conduct is determined to be in systemic and severe breach of UN Global Compact principles

We take our fiduciary duty to our investors to maximise returns very seriously, but we are nonetheless comfortable that we can continue to do so without investing in these companies. This is not only a question of ethics but also of risk management; these companies carry significant financial risk connected to their business and/or corporate behaviour.

We apply the same principles to all our funds, including both liquid and illiquid assets.

Exclusion Policy