Cullen’s investment principles

We are partnering with Cullen Capital Management, a leading value asset manager based in New York, to launch our new ESG US Value equities strategy.

In this video, Jim Cullen, Founder and CEO of Cullen Capital Management, gives an overview of the company and its history, and explains its two founding principles : buying stocks at a low price and investing over the long term.

Asia’s income attraction

Photo: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

If Trump is thinking of running on the same slogan as two years ago, he will need to add something – “Make America Great Again – it should be easier from a lower base…” While it would be unfair to blame the President for the entirety of the ‘Trump dump’, the sniping at the Fed, the incompetence of the foreign policy (what policy?) and the totally unnecessary trade wars are material factors. Yet the main drivers of the recent turbulence in markets have been in place since last year.

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The case for Japanese equities

Photo: Komatsu

Following the sharp setback in global equity markets it is important to reassess the case for Japanese equities within developed markets. Simply put, corporate margins continue to be improved through ongoing restructuring, cash flow generation is strong, balance sheets are liquid and in many cases debt-free and valuations are very low. The shareholder will progressively continue to get a better return going forward. The following example, courtesy of John Seagrim at CLSA succinctly makes the case.

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Opportunities in Chinese equities – Interview with Jean Keller

In this interview broadcast on 10 September 2018 on the leading daily Chinese business programme ‘Global Business News’, our CEO Jean Keller shares his thoughts on the opportunities the correction in Chinese equities has created for long term investors, and explains why he thinks the outlook is positive despite trade war concerns.