Our expertise

QUAERO CAPITAL’s real estate activity focuses primarily on investments in corporate real estate assets in France, in the Greater Paris area, but also in major regional cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille or Marseille.

QUAERO CAPITAL is interested in the evolution of working habits and methods and aims to offer new generation office buildings, but also in social real estate, where demands are growing, particularly in real estate dedicated to education.

After successfully raising and investing more than EUR 100m via the first fund, OPPCI Foncière Quaero I, QUAERO CAPITAL has launched the first fund exclusively dedicated to education real estate, OPPCI EDUCATIO, in 2021. This vehicle is aiming for a target size of EUR 200m in investments in this new sub-segment of commercial real estate. This fund was awarded the SRI label in April 2022.

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