Corporate Social Responsibility

Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a company aims to bring social, economic and environmental benefits to its staff, stakeholders, and the general public as part of their day to day operations.

At QUAERO CAPITAL we hold ourselves accountable for making every effort to ensure that our business positively impacts society, while simultaneously achieving our business objectives.

How we implement Corporate Social Responsibility

The most significant impact we can have is through our investment funds by using our role as an investor to encourage positive behaviour and greater transparency from the companies in which we invest. See our Responsible Investment policies for further details on this.

As part of a broader endeavour to support sustainable business practices, we also emphasise the importance and benefits of a long-term outlook to both the management of the companies we invest in and our clients. We encourage this mindset because it is our belief that companies with long-term strategic oversight are better able to build sustainable businesses that are likely to offer more attractive and stable returns for investors, as well as having a more positive impact on all stakeholders.

In being a socially responsible business, QUAERO CAPITAL aims to lead by example. By continuing to look for ways to maximise our positive social impact while taking care of our stakeholders, we aim to bring our business partners greater long-term value.

Sustainability at our offices

As QUAERO CAPITAL has expanded, we have moved into new premises in Geneva, London and Paris. With each move we have sought out offices that offer comfort to our teams, as well as features that help us improve our environmental efficiency:

  • In steps to eliminate our use of unnecessary single-use plastics, we no longer offer staff drinking water in plastic bottles. We instead provide each employee with a glass bottle that they can refill as often as they like at filtered water sources in our offices. We estimate that by eliminating single-use water bottles, we have reduced our global output by about 500 plastic bottles a week.
  • Our Geneva headquarters now runs on 100% renewable energy, and we are looking to implement the same in our other offices.
  • We actively encourage our employees to participate in video conferences as an alternative to business travel wherever possible. To this end, we have invested in video conferencing technology for every office.
  • We ask that all our staff recycle all material possible across our offices, including (but not limited to) paper, plastics, aluminium, glass and ink cartridges.
  • In instances when we replaced any of our computing or technology equipment in 2018, we donated it to the Red Cross for their use.

Our staff

We recognise that we are able to deliver positive value for our investors thanks to the dedication of our team, and therefore it is our responsibility as an employer to create a positive and supportive environment for our staff in which they can thrive.

The diversity of our workforce is very important at QUAERO CAPITAL, and our continued success is influenced by the wide variety of experiences and capabilities our staff bring to our business. We work to ensure that QUAERO CAPITAL provides equal opportunities to all our employees and job applicants regardless of (amongst others) their gender, religion, race, nationality, age or sexual orientation.

As part of our dedication to ensuring equality and equal pay across our organisation, we have engaged a review of staff salaries, which will be undertaken by an independent auditor.


QUAERO CAPITAL supports many brilliant charities and causes we strongly believe in. We donate annually to:

  • Colis du Coeur, which supports Geneva-based population in need and provides food and basic products.
  • EPIC Foundation, which works with disadvantaged youths globally.
  • SOS Enfants, which provides free psychological and educational support to children, adolescents and their parents.
  • Simon Rivett-Carnac Trust, which supports mental health charities and projects.
  • KCK Kampa Community Centre, an organisation that supports Ukrainian children and mothers seeking refuge.
  • Fondation Dance Area, which promotes choreography, dance education & training and supports young dancers.
  • Société d’Encouragement pour l’industrie nationale, which aims at relaunching local businesses in France.