Ces petites capitalisations qui sortent gagnantes de la pandémie

Si les GAFAM et autres géants de la tech ou de la pharmacie ont obtenu les faveurs des marchés en 2020, certaines petites valeurs européennes ont également su tirer leur épingle du jeu, surperformant les plus grands titres. Ainsi, l’indice Emix Smaller European Companies a progressé de +7.3% sur l’année, à comparer avec une baisse de -2% pour le Stoxx600. Tour d’horizon de quelques gagnants de la crise sanitaire.

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Quaero Capital reaches EUR 600M hard cap for its second private equity infrastructure fund

On Monday 11 January 2021,  Quaero Capital completed its fundraising for Quaero European Infrastructure Fund II (QEIF II) at EUR 600 M (hard cap), exceeding the initial target of EUR 500M set at its launch in July 2019. The management company is also expecting additional investment capacity given the strong interest from investors for co-investment opportunities.

As a reminder, the fundraising for its previous EUR 275 M investment vehicle (QEIF) ended in April 2017 and the fund has since been fully invested.

QEIF II’s strategy is to finance equity in both greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects in Europe. The fund targets project finance assets and notably assets with development and growth requirements with a view to support it. It deploys a multi-sectoral approach, investing in energy, telecoms, water and environment projects, social infrastructure, transport, and utilities.

QEIF II has already invested more than 40% of its commitments through 6 assets in 4 countries and several sectors: renewables (wind farms), telecoms (optic fiber networks, data centres), social infrastructures (schools PPP) and public services (electricity network).

“This success recognizes the renewed trust from QEIF’s investors as well as the support of new investors, in particular in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. These investors were convinced by the quality of the first fund, the assets already in the QEIF II portfolio and more generally by the performance of the infrastructure asset class.” said Sébastien Bourget, Managing Partner, in charge of the infrastructure activity at QUAERO CAPITAL.

QEIF II investors include leading European investors notably insurance companies, pension funds, funds of funds, the Fonds de Réserve pour les Retraites and the European Investment Bank.

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Au Palais de Dame Tartine

Alors que certains payaient des fortunes pour Tesla ou Apple, le marché fourmille de perles ignorées. Nous sommes au Palais de Dame Tartine où les murs sont de praline et les poches débordent de bonbons.

Dans cette interview publiée sur le site d’information Allnews, notre CEO Jean Keller explique pourquoi il pense que le moment est venu de se tourner vers les petites valeurs, qui sont injustement délaissées.

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Asian economics catch up on climate change

This week South Korea became the third large Asian economy to pledge carbon neutrality, marking a major milestone for the fight against climate change. All three countries, China, Japan and South Korea, are in the top 10 country emitters of carbon dioxide in the world due to a continued reliance on coal-powered energy, and together represent over a third of annual global emissions.

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Kamala Harris and the case for diversity

The election of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States is a relief for those involved in sustainability. From an environmental perspective simply a return to science-based policy making will be hugely welcome. Biden plans to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement on day one of his presidency, and despite potentially not having control of the Senate he should be able to proceed with many of his green goals; a task force put together during the campaign identified 56 policy moves on climate and energy that do not need help from Congress.

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