Five questions to a portfolio manager – Rupert Kimber

1. The market has performed well for the past 3 years. Given that there have been many false starts for Japan over the last 30 years, what makes this time different?

Corporate governance/changes in the corporate landscape/ shareholder activism are three factors, now well established, that should contribute to a fundamental change in market dynamics.

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Jerome Powell and the boustrophedon

If we are looking for the principle that guides Jerome Powell in his communication with the markets, we can find it in the boustrophedon style of writing that goes from right to left and then from left to right. Used in archaic Greece until 402 B.C., this type of writing was inspired by the march of an ox marking its furrow in a field.

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Five questions for an investment manager

1. You have worked for several major banks in your time in finance. How have you seen the development of alternative assets, such as private equity and infrastructure, developing in private client portfolios?

Alternative assets such as private equity are now very much in focus for private clients. When I was responsible for private equity at Lombard Odier, buy-out and venture capital funds were sought after, but had to be specifically structured for private clients. Now private investors are also exploring infrastructure, property, credit, and secondary private equity in an attempt to diversify their portfolios. Challenges such as liquidity and institutional structures are now being addressed.

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Distribution and transmission networks

We have been hearing for 20 years that the electrical infrastructure in the United States is obsolete, (with an average age of 40 years), and the long-awaited wave of investment is still to come. Europe is the same, with an ageing infrastructure (also 40 years old on average, according to a European Union report). Against this backdrop, we believe that infrastructure offers an investment opportunity.

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QUAERO CAPITAL legt einen Anleihenfonds mit SRI-Label auf

QUAERO CAPITAL gibt die Auflegung des Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) – Bond Investment Opportunity bekannt, eines neuen Anleihe-Teilfonds ihrer Luxemburger SICAV Quaero Capital Funds (Lux). Der Fonds investiert hauptsächlich in die Anleihemärkte der OECD-Mitgliedstaaten in Euro und berücksichtigt dabei ESG-Kriterien. Das Team, bestehend aus Xavier Nicolas, Frédéric Loisel und Philippe Scemama, verwaltet bereits seit Januar 2022 eine ähnliche Strategie in Form eines professionellen Spezialfonds nach französischem Recht. Die Strategie ist nun auch im Luxemburger OGAW-Format verfügbar.

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