Olivier Lutz

Head of Real Estate

Olivier Lutz joined Quaero Capital (France) SAS in 2017 as Fund Manager to create and develop the Real Estate department. In 2021, he took on the role of Head of Real Estate.

He mainly participates in the structuring of funds and in investment and asset management.

He previously worked at PERIAL Asset Management for 4 years in the Institutional division, where he oversaw the creation and management of 4 REITs for a total AUM of EUR 350m. He also has previous experience as an analyst at Amundi Real Estate.

Olivier has a MSc specialized in asset management from Kedge Business School. He is also a graduate from Euromed Marseille and Tongji University, Shanghai.

Margaux Cugura

Responsible of Fund Manager Real Estate

Margaux Cugura joined Quaero Capital (France) SAS in 2022 as Responsible of Fund Manager in the Real Estate division.

Before that, she worked for more than 4 years as an auditor in the Real Estate division of PwC, where she was mainly responsible for carrying out legal audits for listed companies in the French real estate sector.

Margaux holds a Master’s degree in Audit – Management Control from the Iéseg School of Management. She completed her third year of Bachelor’s degree at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul.

Jérôme Dulon

Director of Asset Management Real Estate

Jérôme Dulon joined Quaero Capital (France) SAS in 2019 as Director of Asset Management of the Real Estate division.

He started his career in 2011 as an Asset Manager with LFPI REIM before joining PERIAL Asset Management in 2015 to supervise the operations and drive the development of institutional funds‘ real estate assets, as well as managing all the Shop assets. On the back of his results, he was promoted Head of Asset Management to manage a team of 5 Asset Managers, representing a diversified portfolio of nearly EUR 2.5bn (shops, offices, retirement homes, childcare centres and workshops) located throughout France.

Jérôme Dulon holds a Master in Real Estate Financial Engineering from ESPI (Ecole Supérieure des professions immobilières).

Alexandre Renault

Responsible of Asset Management Real Estate

Alexandre Renault joined Quaero Capital (France) SAS in 2022 as Responsible of Asset Management of the Real Estate division.

After starting his career in communications, Alexandre has been working in the real estate sector for 16 years. Initially a salesperson in the tertiary sector (Arthur Loyd and Foncia Entreprise, where he became branch manager), he then moved into real estate asset management (Yxime). He became Asset Manager, first at LFPI REIM and then within PERIAL Asset Management, in 2015, to manage the operation and development of the real estate assets of SCPIs. In 2017, he was in charge of managing the first office assets acquired abroad (Germany and the Netherlands) on behalf of one of the SCPIs, while managing an office and then retail portfolio in France, representing a diversified portfolio of nearly EUR 500m.

Alexandre Renault studied Modern Literature and Communication.