Michaël Malquarti

Chief Risk Officer

Michaël Malquarti joined Quaero Capital SA in 2017 as Senior Portfolio Manager, designing investment tools and processes and managing portfolios across several asset classes. He took on the role of Chief Risk Officer in 2020.

Michaël Malquarti started his career in 2005 at SYZ Asset Management. He initially developed quantitative and qualitative tools to support the alternative investment process and subsequently, as Head of Risk, designed and institutionalized its risk management process. In 2010, he joined the alternative investments team as Senior Portfolio Manager with a focus on quantitative issues, complex strategies and portfolio construction. In 2012, he was promoted to Co-Head of the alternative investment team, before becoming in 2015 the Head of the overall manager research team.

Prior to working in the financial sector, Michaël carried out research in the field of theoretical cosmology.

He is the author of several publications in professional journals. Since 2015 he has also been actively promoting a reform of the monetary system and in 2018 he published a book on the subject.

Michaël Malquarti holds a Masters in Mathematical Physics from the University of Geneva and a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Sussex (UK).

Cécile Golvet

Senior Risk Manager

Cécile Golvet joined Quaero Capital SA in 2021 as a senior risk manager.

Previously, Cécile worked as a fixed income risk manager for 13 years, at HSBC in New York and Paris, and then at Pictet Asset Management in Geneva.

Cécile also co-developed a fintech that provides augmented analytics to gain insights on market dynamics and investors behaviors.

Cécile graduated with a Master’s degree in Statistics and Computer science from the Polytech’Lille Engineering school in France. She is certified in “Professional Risk management” (PRM).