Big is not beautiful

Cette chronique de Jean Keller est parue dans Le Temps du 24 août 2020. Lire l’article en PDF.

L’extrême concentration actuelle de la gestion d’actifs a de nombreux effets néfastes, comme une volatilité accrue, un risque systémique non négligeable et une standardisation des produits. A l’heure où elle cherche à promouvoir l’asset management suisse, notre place financière devrait donc plutôt privilégier le modèle de la « boutique ».

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The flexible future of working

The working day as we know it, in general lasting eight hours between 7am and 7pm and covering five days of the week, dates back 100 years. It has its origins in the industrial revolution, where industrial production in large factories transformed working life. At first the working day would range from 10-16 hours; the work week was six days and the use of child labour was common. A shorter working day as well as improved working conditions was raised by the International Workingmen’s Association at the Congress in Geneva in 1866, but the working week as we know it was not adopted in most countries until shortly after the first world war. There remain exceptions in developing countries and it depends on the type of work, but this structure has held for the majority of the global workforce since.

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The social risks of fast fashion

The fast fashion industry has been a significant economic success story of the last two decades, nearly doubling in size, employing 70m people worldwide and contributing 2% to global GDP. This has been driven by huge advances in supply chain management, shrinking lead times from six months to two weeks and enabling retailers to stock more choice, reduce prices and respond rapidly to consumer demand.

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QUAERO CAPITAL hires Daniel Ritz as Head of Business Development for German-speaking Switzerland

QUAERO CAPITAL has hired Daniel Ritz as Head of Business Development for the Swiss German region. He will be in charge of promoting QUAERO CAPITAL’s strategies to institutional and wholesale clients in Swiss German Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Prior to joining QUAERO CAPITAL, Daniel Ritz was Institutional Sales & Relationship Manager at the Fintech Lykke Corp.Read more