Cullen’s investment principles

We are partnering with Cullen Capital Management, a leading value asset manager based in New York, to launch our new ESG US Value equities strategy.

In this video, Jim Cullen, Founder and CEO of Cullen Capital Management, gives an overview of the company and its history, and explains its two founding principles : buying stocks at a low price and investing over the long term.

PRI in Person event

Last month, the Quaero Capital ESG team attended the annual PRI event, this year held in Paris. The event was the largest responsible investment conference ever held, with over 1600 attendees from the industry.

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Flight Shame

“Flygskam”, a new expression in Swedish, refers to the movement that originated in Sweden last year. It literally translates as ‘flight shame’ and is used to encourage people to shift towards more sustainable transportation options. It’s also given birth to another concept – ‘tagskryt’ or ‘train brag’.

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Rule, Moneta! Moneta, rule the waves!

Greece and Iceland’s recent economic histories offer an interesting case for a comparative study. Highlighting the danger of running a large current account deficit, their experience can also be a guide for the future of the British economy and currency.

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The environmental footprint of the shipping industry

As it’s often the cheapest form of transportation, more than 90% of all world goods, from raw materials to finished products, are carried by sea. Spurred by worldwide population growth and increasing globalisation, global trade has grown by 85% in the last 18 years. The shipping industry merchant fleet has grown to c.100,000 vessels producing an estimated 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. According to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the UN agency responsible for the safety and security of the shipping industry, emissions will increase between 50 and 250% by 2050 under a business-as-usual scenario, if no drastic measures are taken.

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Jouons les apprentis sorciers !

QUAERO Capital - Word from the CEO
Photo: DR

Cette chronique de notre CEO Jean Keller a été publiée dans Le Temps du 2 septembre 2019. Lire l’article.

Au risque d’enfoncer une porte ouverte, force est de constater que les politiques monétaires expansives de ces dix dernières années nous ont menés dans une impasse. Car si le « Quantitative Easing » a certainement contribué à sauver l’Europe d’une catastrophe économique, il faut bien admettre que nous avons atteint les limites du modèle et qu’il est urgent de trouver d’autres outils de politique conjoncturelle afin relancer la consommation moribonde sur le Vieux Continent.

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