The Evolution of Capitalism

Last month was the 50th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s influential report titled ‘The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits’, a mantra often heralded as the basis of the capitalist model used globally since, and now quite widely criticised as a cause of social inequalities and environmental externalities. The concept, as we are all aware of, was that business leaders should focus on creating as much value as possible for the owners of the company rather than on improving outcomes for a broader set of stakeholders.

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California wildfires and renewable shift

California seems to be in the eye of the storm at the moment when it comes to the impacts of climate change. Images of yellow smoke-filled skies are proliferating news sources and social media, the result of wildfires that are seasonal for the state due to hot and dry weather, but that this year have burned through over 5 million acres already, worse than any year in the history books. The season for wildfires usually continues until December and may continue to force people to stay at home due to the air quality, further impacting businesses already reeling from the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

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Big is not beautiful

Cette chronique de Jean Keller est parue dans Le Temps du 24 août 2020. Lire l’article en PDF.

L’extrême concentration actuelle de la gestion d’actifs a de nombreux effets néfastes, comme une volatilité accrue, un risque systémique non négligeable et une standardisation des produits. A l’heure où elle cherche à promouvoir l’asset management suisse, notre place financière devrait donc plutôt privilégier le modèle de la « boutique ».

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